Bridging Gaps. Creating Connections. Supporting the Voiceless.

My Story 

I’m a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom to my lovely butterfly, Amoree. I’ve always wanted to be a mother and thought that dream would never come through. Then I was blessed with Amoree. It was the best experience in the world, until one day it all started to crumble.

At age three, Amoree was diagnosed with autism and is considered nonverbal. She was later diagnosed with epilepsy and myasthenia gravis before she was 8 years old. My beautiful butterfly has been on a ventilator seven times in her young life.

Going through these challenges alongside my Amoree made me realize that people with special needs kids needed support and encouragement. I found that children with special needs thrived in a supportive community. And this best happens when parents of special needs children are also supported.

So, I founded Amoree’s Journey – a space to help give voice to the voiceless and the non-verbal. To help parents and organizations connect with and support our most vulnerable yet powerful and strong little ones.