Bridging Gaps. Creating Connections. Supporting the Voiceless.

My Mission


To inspire and create connections between special needs kids, their parents, and a community that supports them. Like the sunflower that supports each other at their weakest, I will be a voice and a sunflower for parents and their special needs babies.


I am committed to:


I have hope that life will get better for my child and that she will live a good life. I spread that life of hope to the special needs families that I work with.


My family is the world to me, and I rely on the support they offer. My special needs community is also a family that I support and who support me in turn as we all travel a challenging but fulfilling journey.


My resiliency is my superpower! This is not a short sprint, it’s a lifelong journey, and I’m in it to the end. Our special needs kids need us to be a voice for them, and we will be resilient no matter the challenges.