Bridging Gaps. Creating Connections. Supporting the Voiceless.

Amoree’s Journey


This story is inspired by that of a sunflower’s. I’ve always loved sunflowers and was delighted to find out that sunflowers share energy. You see, when one sunflower starts to droop, the other sunflowers turn toward it and it rebuilds itself so that it can once again look at the sun.

I saw that many parents of special needs kids struggle to vocalize their agonies and the challenges they face. I want to be a sunflower for those parents who feel like they are drowning amidst the trials of life with their special needs babies.

 Sunflowers share light and love with each other to help each other survive. Sunflowers support each other in their weakest moments. I have used my voice to advocate for my daughter. I intend to be a sunflower for those parents and their children to the world.

I help parents bridge the gap to connect with their special needs children through the arts. Connecting with special needs children is not always an easy task. But, through our paint parties, we show parents and other family members how to connect.

I started painting to give myself an outlet and realized that it calmed my nerves. I decided to give it a try with special needs children. I realized that it allowed them an outlet as well and helped parents to connect with their kids. So, I started offering paint parties.

A paint party, as I do it, is both an individualized and a social activity. When done right, it allows parents and special needs kids to relate to each other in a special way.


 Amoree’s Journey is also a space for support for parents, letting them know that they aren’t alone in this journey. There are other parents sharing a similar path, and together, we can help our little ones create a fulfilling and happy life.